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Hi, my name is Vel Forrester and I own a small development company located in Camden, South Carolina called Forrester Web Services. I have been a full-stack developer for over ten years with experience in XHTML, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, mySQL, MS Access and more. During this time I created many websites and applications as a freelancer as well as working full time as the webmaster of an ecommerce store. I have also had experience as a Linux Server Administrator and worked with many of the major platfroms and frameworks available for designing websites. With this experience I have a better understanding of how web technologies work together and I can use this knowledge to create a first-class solution for your business or organization. I have done other related work including website/application integration, web server management, online marketing and graphic design.

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My experience with web technologies started long before my professional life as a web designer. I was introduced to html in the 8th grade at Camden Middle School when I attended an advanced learning program called SEAGUL. That day in class we learned about the structure of a website in it's most simple form. It was a single page with some text and a background color, a heading and a line to separate the two. It wasn't much but it was enough to peak my interest. When I got home after school I surfed the internet and I looked at websites in a totally different light. Seeing all the examples at my fingertips I was humbled and I wondered at the posibilites of this new technology. Over the following 16 years I have spent numerous hours exploring those posibilities and they have turned out to be greater than anything my 13 year old mind could imagine.