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Web Development & Design

I have been a full-stack developer for over ten years with experience in XHTML, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, mySQL, MS Access and more. I have also had experience as a Linux Server Administrator and worked with many of the major platfroms and frameworks available for designing websites. With this experience I have a better understanding of how web technologies work together and I can use this knowledge to create a first-class solution for your business or organization.

Having an informational website can help you, your business or organization in many ways. You may want to have an advertisement to draw in customers, a blog to share your ideas, a gallery to showcase your talents, or a calendar to display your events. There are a lot of great options available and with a custom informational website the possibilities are endless.

A sucessful ecommerce website can be used to market your items to a wide range of potential customers from around the globe. Most ecommerce websites are created using a platform that can be customized to suit your needs. There are many elements which must fall into place before online sales are a posibility. I can guide you through the process of creating an online store by introducing options and helping you choose them, configuring and customizing your site, and teaching you how to promote and manage your store for future success.

Project Management

Larger websites may require a team effort to complete. I can help you plan your project, hire and train staff, and manage all aspects of the project to completion. I also operate a small development business called Forrester Web Services with a network of developers available to help with any project.

Graphic Design

High quality graphics are a must for your website or publication. No matter the medium, it's the images that draw the viewers attention to the text. Perfection is not just the quaility of the design but careful attention to all details. Images for websites must be optimized for better load times while pictures for ads must be high enough quality to print a smooth, crisp image. I have graphic design experience in the following areas:

Online Marketing Strategy

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is, in my opinion, the single most important element to being found online. The only way to have high search engine rankings is to have a website that "looks good" to a search engine. Page structure, keyword relevancy and information flow are only a few of the many factors that fall into play when websites are being ranked. Search Engine Optimization is a process and a high website ranking can only be achieved through gaining positive traffic to your website with proper practices.

Google and Bing both offer a set of webmaster tools with great SEO and website analytics capabilities.

Paid Advertising through today's top search engines and markets is a great way to draw traffic to your website. Many online advertising companies sell ads for top websites on a per-view basis. This can be a great way to get your website seen if you don't currenlty have the volume of traffic you would like. Don't know where to start? I can help... Or I can do it all.

Email Marketing is a great way to advertise promotions, announce new products or get return customers. There are many platforms available but all can be easily customized to work with your website and company's specific needs.

Blogging and article writing are great ways to draw traffic to your website by getting your ideas seen. Many websites will feature guest writers with a similar interest.


Great looking images are a must for a professional website and for this reason I offer photography with all of my development and design projects. Ecommerce websites need detailed images for every item being sold, while informational pages need eye-catching photographs to draw a viewer's attention to the content. I have studied photography for many years with a special interest in landscapes, wildlife and product photography.

I love to travel and offer photography to customers wordlwide. View examples here.

Product photography

I use an infinity curve technique to capture stunning product photographs with use of natural shadows and reflections.

Product photography is offered in all states for items that can be shipped via UPS, USPS or FedEx.

Computer Repair & Services

I offer computer repair and services for PC, Mac and Linux in the following areas:

On-site service is only offered to customers located in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia.