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Vel Forrester Hi, I'm Vel Forrester, former owner of Forrester Web Services design firm and creator/developer of Acidity™ Administration System. I offer my assistance in developing web technologies using a seamless integration of experience in PHP development, front end development, and Linux administration, built over more than a decade working in website development and project management.

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Yes, You Can Build a Website on a Budget

Don't settle for a sub-par website just because you have a budget. There are many tools available to expidite the development process and you can even do it yourself without knowing how to code.

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Acidity Administration System ™

Need an easier way to edit your content? Acidity is an easy to use, form based, administration system that can be customized for editing information in any type of database (used for content on websites, apps, signs, menu displays, etc) without having to worry about the layout or technical details.

Check out these reasons to use Acidity:

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