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Web Application Development

Custom Web Applications

I have designed multiple custom web applications including this website. These applications were built from the ground up without the use of any base platforms or frameworks.

Code examples available upon request.

Acidity Administration System™

Acidity is an easy to use, form based, administration system that can be customized for editing information in any type of database (used for content on websites, apps, signs, menu displays, etc) without having to worry about the layout or technical details. Acidity has other key features such as: pre-built plugins for popular content types (calendars, media galleries, products, services, staff members, etc), custom plugins for database administration, user account controls, a messaging system for admin users, and top teir security protocols to protect it all.

The South Carolina Equine Park is a custom informational website originally designed in 2015. The website features an interactive map and yearly event calendars with information for competitors. Much of the content on this site is dynamic and can be edit using custom plugins designed for Adcidity Administration System™. The front-end of the website was completed using html5, css3, javascript and jQuery to provide a modern feel with a great user experience. I have also spent time at the park taking photographs for use on the website and in other forms of media.

Westfall's Texas Style BBQ

This is a custom PHP driven website with a complex integration. The website's menu and other information can be edited using Acidity Administration System™. Acidity was also integrated with two menu displays above the counter in the store for real-time updates of prices, specials, and promotional images. For example, when the price of a meal was changed in Acidity it would change on the website and on the menus in the store at the same time. I provided services in web development and design, graphic design, photography, server management, and database integration to complete this project.

SCEP - Interactive Map

This custom interactive map is part of The South Carolina Equine Park website originally designed in 2015. The core functions of the map were created using Javascript, while some of the more advanced fetures use the jQuery Javascript library. I also created all of the graphics for the map and shot all of the photos with my Canon EOS Rebel.

Dental Care of Camden

Dental Care of Camden's custom informational website was designed in 2015. This website features photographs, directions, FAQ's, a contact us form and more. I provided services in web development and design, graphic design, photography and server management to complete this project. This was a redesign of the original which I designed in 2011.

Vintage Pianos

This is a custom informational website designed for Vintage Pianos of Camden, SC in 2016. The site features product listings which can easily be edited through a custom admin panel. The main functionality of this database driven website was developed using PHP and Javascript. Photography and graphic design services were also provided.

Custom Themes and Extensions

I have designed custom themes and extensions for multiple platforms including WordPress and Magento.

Click here to view a custom WordPress theme I designed to match this website.

The following themes were designed for websites built on the WordPress platform. These websites also have custom extensions to provide extened funtionallity. These themes and extensions conform to current coding standards and are mobile/accessibility friendly.

David Lindsey Clothier

David Lindsey Clotheir is a high end men's clothing store in Greenwood, SC. I designed their website in 2015 using the Wordpress platform. This site was a redesign of David Lindsey's previous website which was not mobile friendly. The site now features a custom theme which is completely mobile friendly along with some updated code.

The Tack Room

This is an ecommerce website designed in 2015 for The Tack Room. The website was originally designed on the NCR Retail Online ecommerce platform. I provided complete theme customization, graphic design, photography, development of extended functionallity, and consultation services to help complete this project. A few years later the platform was discontinued and I migrated the site to it's own server where it was modified to reflect the latest updates to it's base platform, Magento 1.9. A new site was built in 2019 because of the end-of-life for Magento 1.

Graphic Design

During my time as a web developer/designer I also gained experience with graphic design. Here are some examples of projects I created using Photoshop, Illustrator, and GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Product Photography

I created the following product images using a combination of photography and graphic design skills gained throughout my time as a web developer/designer.