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The South Carolina Equine Park is a custom informational website designed in 2015 using my custom framework. The website features an interactive map and yearly event calendars with information for competitors. I provide a complete service package for the equine park including hosting and sever management as well as content updates. The website was completed using html5, css3, javascript and jQuery to provide a modern feel with a great user experience. I have also spent time at the park taking photographs for use on the website and in other forms of media.

The Camden Business Alliance

This is a custom coded informational website designed for The Camden Business Alliance in 2015. The website features a business directory for listing it's members, a calendar of events and a photo gallery. The contents of the business directory and calender can be edited through a password protected admin panel which I designed using PHP. The custom graphics used for the header provide a unique experience for the site's visitors. Working on this website gave me a chance to explore Camden while taking photographs for the home page and gallery page. I also manage the hosting for this website.

Dental Care of Camden

Dental Care of Camden's informational website was designed in 2015 using my custom framework. This website features photographs, directions, FAQ's, a contact us form and more. I provided services in web development and design, graphic design, photography and server management to complete this project. This was a redesign of the original which I designed in 2011.

Vintage Pianos

This is a custom informational website designed for Vintage Pianos of Camden, SC in 2016. The site features product listings which can easily be edited through a custom admin panel. The main functionality of this database driven website was developed using PHP and Javascript. Photography and graphic design services were also provided.

David Lindsey Clothier

David Lindsey Clotheir is a high end men's clothing store in Greenwood, SC. I designed their website in 2015 using the Wordpress platform. This site was a redesign of David Lindsey's previous website which was not mobile friendly. The site now features a custom theme which is completely mobile friendly along with some updated code.

The Tack Room

This is an ecommerce website designed in 2015 for The Tack Room. The website was designed on the NCR Retail Online ecommerce platform. I provided complete theme customization, graphic design, photography, programming and consultation services to help complete this project.